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Remembering all the soldiers that we served with in Vietnam
and those that are serving now.
Remembering our fallen comrades always

"May we all live forever, at least in the hearts of our comrades, and may their memories live through us." Bert


Gary from 3/7 Inf 199th  1966-1967

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Rest In Peace
SGT Ray North B 5/12 3rd Platoon 3rd Squad

SGT Roger Lowry HHC 5/12 S-4




Saigon Gold book by Hugh Scott mystery thriller that was banned in Vietnam

Book by Hugh Scott S-3 5/12th Oct 69 to Apr 70
Hugh Scott, Publisher - Presage Press 928-284-4641
Preview the new mystery/thriller that was banned in Vietnam:
Saigon Gold  in text and photos:

Book by Leonard Rugh (Rough) Vietnam vet Promises Kept

Book by Leonard Rugh (Rough) B 5/12th Mar 69' to Sep 69'
Link to amazon listing

or the ISBN-10: 0595520189


Visit Greg Payne's 199th LIB 'National Hall of Honor' website
A great tribute to all Redcatchers and fellow "Warriors"


Play My Heroes and Friends

Find it @ VetsSearchPlease share your insights and sign the History Log

5/12th Inf 199 LIB 
    "Warriors Sir! "                            

Vietnam 199th LIB Redcatchers 199thRow1xCol2.jpg 199thRow1xCol3.jpg 199thRow1xCol4.jpg 199thRow1xCol5.jpg 199thRow1xCol6.jpg
BMB Misc B
BMB Tet 69'  B 199thRow2xCol1.jpg 199thRow2xCol2.jpg 199thRow2xCol3.jpg 199thRow2xCol4.jpg 199thRow2xCol5.jpg 199thRow2xCol6.jpg
Camp Davies 68' B
FSB Libby NCOIC 70' HHC  199thRow3xCol1.jpg 199thRow3xCol2.jpg 199thRow3xCol3.jpg 199thRow3xCol4.jpg 199thRow3xCol5.jpg 199thRow3xCol6.jpg
Misc Camp Davies 68' B
Misc Pics 199thRow4xCol1.jpg 199thRow4xCol2.jpg 199thRow4xCol3.jpg 199thRow4xCol4.jpg 199thRow4xCol5.jpg 199thRow4xCol6.jpg
D Dynneson's Pics 1 68'-69' River Boat Ops
D Dynneson's Pics 3 68'-69' Cement Factory 199thRow5xCol1.jpg 199thRow5xCol2.jpg 199thRow5xCol3.jpg 199thRow5xCol4.jpg 199thRow5xCol5.jpg 199thRow5xCol6.jpg
D Dynneson's Pics 2 68'-69' Saigon etc
5/12th Inf Interpreters 199thRow6xCol1.jpg 199thRow6xCol2.jpg 199thRow6xCol3.jpg 199thRow6xCol4.jpg 199thRow6xCol5.jpg 199thRow6xCol6.jpg
Danny "A" Pictures 1
Danny "A" Pictures 2


Danny "A" Picutures3

Danny Angeles' Album

HHC, A, B, C 2001 reunion

Danny "A" Pictures 4

Saigon Pics 1

5/12th and other Brigade units 2001

Saigon Pics 2 

4th & 5th Regiments 12th Infantry Coat of Arms-Lineage,etc. 

Lineage and honors 5/12th Infantry  a lot of info

From the other side of The Wall Nice site by Phil Tolvin B 4/12th 199th  
2/3 Inf 199th LIB

Roger Lowery's Pics HHC 5/12 Bn S-4 
Mike's pictures of 3/7th Inf 199th '66-'67 good stuff
Bogie's Pics 2/40th RTO w/D 5/12th
Earl Bates' Pics D 5/12 Earl Bates' Pics D 5/12 page 2 posted 4-8-05 
A 5/12th Inf 199th LIB 
Marty's Site Mortars B 5/12 Inf 199th LIB

View some of the good things that are happening in Iraq


  That was then and this is now Bert
  Bert's other Vietnam Tours New pics 3/04 tapeii 4th ID
  Ray's pictures of traveling wall in Texas
  Heros and Friends
  Bert's Daughters Wedding 2005


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